Misfits 2
Misfits Generic Campaign (Take 2)

pic name race class AL notes
x x dwarf ftr3 NG party tank
x x human rog1/wiz2 CN tbd arcane trickster
x x elf rng3 NG party tracker
x Dylan human clr3 LG NPC

session date notes
session1 05/02 rapid leveling from 1st to 3rd.

The players find themselves in scum town, a lawless city filled with characters of all kinds. They witness a man turn into a strange race and fly out a window. They learn that this strange race is called dragon-born, a human and dragon subrace. These rare people are wanted by the Vesper military with a bounty on their heads.

The party is then hired by a royal librarian who sends them to plunder the ruins of a kobold temple to Kurtlemuk. On their way to the temple, they find a nest of Ankhegs and a different tomb with a short encounter with Diamond mages. After accepting a bribe from the Diamond mages, the party finds the temple is not empty but guarded by some salamanders. After disabling all the traps, killing the salamanders and raiding all the coffins, they are able find several relics made of stone and precious stone.

Taking a detour, the party heads north to check out Oasis. This uneventful trek yields some information about the independent state and their dislike of neighboring Kobold tribes.

Heading back to Scum Town, the party bargains more reward from their employer who is very pleased with the find and tells them that he will send the relics back to the royal city under armed guards and send an excavation team to the Temple to recover the gargantuan statue of Kurtlemuk.

With two royal vouchers and no royal banks in Scum Town, the players all decide that their next stop is to cash in and go shopping. On the night before their departure they recognize a familiar face darting into an alleyway. They discover that the dragonborn is a fugitive and join his cause to help him escape the kingdom’s oppression. Their plan is to travel north to the orc tribes to seek refuge.

On their way out of the city, they are attacked by the bodyguards of a Gaman nobility. A big fight ensues and the noble is spared while the rest are slaughtered like animals. Unhappy at his failure to capture the dragonborn, the Gaman nobility is robbed by the players who steal everything except for the very fine clothes he is wearing. Out of pity, they give him 100g and send him off to report them to the Vesper authorities for conspiring with fugitives.

There have been more than one rumor indicating that the Royal State has business with the Gaman (Chian) state in trading or selling dragonborn. Live dragonborn have a bounty on their heads and the players have said more than once that they don’t trust their government. As the party travels along the Burning Sands they seek refuge for a known fugitive while accepting responsibility all in the name of what they consider to be good.

WoTC SRD heromachine errant 365
Special Gestalt playtest
gestalt dnd 3.5

32-point buy core gestalt rules for exactly two multiclasses at a time. All benefits and best of each attribute for each level.


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