In the kingdom of Vesper the lines between good and evil are blurred. Yet, a small group of adventuring Misfits with good hearts find the courage to discover the truth and stop evil from prevailing.

Misfits 2 Guidelines
You will be responsible for the following:

Main character
  • level 1 starting level (currently 3rd)
  • any starting class
  • “campaign array”: 18,16,14,12,12,10
  • Any race.
  • Any alignment (non-evil is suggested).

Henchmen character
DMG pg105 suggested rules for hirelings. NPC classes with 25-point-buy two levels lower than your main. Hirelings are paid each day, double when placed into dangerous situations and paid extra for Spellcasting and Services from PHB pg129. Hirelings gain XP independently from the party. note: The party is encouraged to use hirelings for all the extra grunt work. If you have many hirelings you are only required to name and stat out your main’s, “sidekick”.

Howard the Porter
Human Expert level 1
Str 16, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 11, Wis 8, Cha 8
9hp, 14AC (chainshirt as payment)
Fort +3, Refl +0, Will +1
Jump +5 (-2 ACP), Climb +5 (-2 ACP), Swim +3 (-4 ACP)
Balance +2 (-2 ACP), Search +4, Survival +4
Endurance, Track

  • Wealth as PHB pg111 suggests with all starting rolls maxed +100gp
  • Item access to all PHB masterwork and lower items.
  • Access to all +1 items and any magic item 3K or less.
  • Access to Darkwood, Dragonhide, Cold Iron, Silver, Mithral but not Adamantine.

Suggested Party Makeup
Be creative, and chose characters that you want to play. This campaign is geared towards not penalizing unbalanced parties.


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