The Kingdom of Vesper
This valley kingdom recently celebrated its centennial. One-hundred years ago, the kingdom was founded by King Andrews. He named the kingdom after his bride, Vesper. The name means Evening Star. This well protected kingdom is self sufficient so trade with other countries is seldom.

Orcish tribes
Orcish tribes in the north have had a long standing peace agreement with Vesper. The Humans are not to traverse the Northern Woods into their lands, and the Orcs will honor the same. The treaty sets a restriction on how many trees Vesper can cut each year. This allows for the size of the Northern woods to stay constant, each year the lumber sites shift in a seven year cycle to allow the trees to re-grow. Rogue Orc Raiding parties are common and although they threaten the treaty, Vesper military is equipped to deal with them.

Diamond City
This is the wealthiest city in all of Vesper. It has roots in the diamond trade. Originally the city was founded and built by gem miners. Now it is home to many wealthy nobility. This city is very exclusive and pride’s itself on cleanliness.

Sapphire City
Capital city of Vesper and home to King Andrews the III. The city and king are well loved by its people. The King is very old and rarely makes public appearances. He is the ruler but lets advisers and his son make all the important decisions.

Hesperus City
Is the second wealthiest city in all of Vesper, founded by a Baron Hesperus many years ago. Hesperus City is a learned city full of treasures and attractions. While Diamond City is very selective about its visitors, Hesperus is somewhat of a vacationing spot. All the famous musicians and craftsmen are from Hesperus.

Sea Pearl
This city is the fishing capital of Vesper. As far as fishing ports go, Sea Pearl sets the standard. The royal families depend on Sea Pearl for Exports to other Countries as well.

Goodseed City
Yet, another wealthy city, this one is surrounded by farming villages; Goodseed is the capital for clothiers. Some of the finest linens and other wares come out of Goodseed.

Here is the lumber capital of Vesper, home to the Lumber Regulation Board and Orc Treatise board. People in this town take wood very seriously and also the safety of Vesper by honoring their treaty with the Orcs.

Royal Outpost
A Northern Outpost, home of the Sapphire Guard. The Sapphire Guard is an elite task force who patrol the outskirts of the royal city. They are the front line between the Orcs and Sapphire.

Central Outpost
This military outpost sends troops wherever they are needed. It is home to the Vesper military and to Prince Ioan, heir to the Vesper throne. The Prince is young and has not claimed a bride and has no heir himself.

West Outpost
This outpost serves as a military presence next to Hesperus City. It helps protect caravans from Sea Pearl to Sapphire reach the king without threat of bandits

Northern Outpost
This is the newest outpost, built only two-years prior, shortly after the massacre at Twin Pines. Twin Pines was a small frontier city, built to help extend the Vesper Empire to its reaches. A brash-young Orc raider led a small army into the “Human Lands”, slaughtering people as they went. Twin Pines was the last location to be hit and the entire town was killed. The Orc raiding party was never heard from again and considered still at large.

Eastern Outpost
A quite outpost, on the edge of the Burning Sands Planes, Eastern Outpost is considered a sleepy assignment for most of the military.

This dry and dirty town is considered an independent state. It was founded several years ago by thieves and murderers who tried to escape justice. The current Laws for Vesper place the kingdom’s reach from the Mountains to the Desert. Oasis falls just outside of Vesper jurisdiction. Contrary to its name, there is no water in the city. But somehow, people still survive.

Scum Town (Southern Outpost)
This town once was the Southern Outpost for the Vesper military. Corrupted and now overrun with fugitives. The Magistrate appointed has ruled for 20 years, unable to uphold any of the laws required. Because of the distance and lack of interest by the Royal family, there were no consequences for the failures of this Magistrate. Last week, he resigned and now the burden of appointing a new Magistrate and bringing order to Scum Town falls on the royal family.


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